Truck for rent in the Gatineau region

Hino Gatineau is able to offer rental solutions for businesses in the region. Location Mantha Gatineau’s goal is to provide long-term rental services. The rental department was created to meet the demands of clients in the greater National Capital Region. Through our services, our clients have found solutions for transportation logistics.

What is the mantha rental in Gatineau?

By trusting Hino Gatineau for transportation, you have a high-performance and remarkable vehicle that allows you to move your business forward in the region. We have several types of vehicles that can meet your needs. We offer full long-term rental services and maintenance programs to help you get the most out of your mobility requirements in Gatineau.

Our rental with benefits promotion includes several services

When you choose to rent with Hino Gatineau, we include the truck, the body and the custom equipment for the truck in question. Our trucks are customizable with your company colours and your own logo.

We have maintenance and repair programs for all rentals. If your tires deteriorate, we offer a replacement. When you have to leave your vehicle for repairs for more than 24 hours, we make sure to offer you a replacement truck. Hino Gatineau also has a mobile repair unit that can easily travel throughout the region for repairs.

Hino Gatineau favours a better rate with short-term rentals. We also have an outstanding treatment of warranties and we offer great buy-back opportunities when the lease ends.

A personalized rental plan for your business in Gatineau

With our rental program, you have several choices available to you. Our goal is to provide you with high quality trucks that meet the demand of your Gatineau business. Here are our rental plans :

  • 24 month
  • 36 month
  • 48 month
  • 60 month