Outstanding repair service at Hino Gatineau

The employees at Hino Gatineau are highly qualified in the vehicle industry. Thanks to their knowledge, our experts can respond to your needs quickly and concisely. You need an oil change? A parts replacement? Hino Gatineau offers excellent support and service to buyers of new and used vehicles.

Mobile service at Hino Gatineau

We have several vehicles that can move around to provide road service. We respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our clients in the greater Gatineau-Ottawa region feel safe with our service that meets their needs at all times.

Car parts department available at Hino Gatineau

With many years of experience, Hino Gatineau meets the needs of many businesses in the region. Having several locations in the region and having several experienced technicians, we specialize with several types of trucks and vehicles. We have a wide variety of vehicle parts to meet the needs of our customers.